Sunday, March 15, 2009

Utility Areas

Here are some utility areas like the laundry and closet areas.

This builder went crazy with the wallpaper, but overall, I think it paints a compelling picture.

The color theme for this house was green, as reflected in the closet and laundry room

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ten Picture Arranging Guidelines

Here's some great tips for hanging photos and art

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What People Are Doing #1

Staging can be done by anyone.

Here is a gal who did a room in just 2 days.  Take that 'Trading Spaces'!!
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Another beautiful bathroom

Man, wouldn't this sell a house??

more bathrooms

I forgot a couple.

Everyone likes these bath tub things.


Just what can you do to snazz up the bathroom?  Here are a few ideas.

Candles and plants

Gift baskets full of toiletries

This was a particularly large master bath.  Here the space was filled with a desk and chair made into a makeup station.

Really?  Bamboo wallpaper.  I like the soap dispenser though.

Living Room Photos

Here is a batch of living room and bonus room pictures.  They always pick furniture that makes the room seem so large!

A casual leather sectional with fun pillows.
A rustic tray with photos...nice touch.
Where do they store all the crap that comes with life?

Heres a tiny living room.  Notice the yellow couch has no arms to allow the visual space to be uninterrupted. 

Here's a stack of board know, for you and your family to play

Green is a big part of this years color it seems